Information Technology

Softcif, Inc. serves a key role in helping our clients manage the information that drives their missions or business objectives. We apply our deep technical expertise and proven industry methodologies to help them carry out their tactical and strategic goals including modernization of their IT systems and services.

Our goal is to partner with our customers and help them design, develop, deliver and support their software and infrastructure project initiatives. We strive help our customers reduce the cost and complexity of technology and operations and provide IT enterprises with the agility and effectiveness to respond to rapidly changing business needs and goals.

Technology Consulting

Architecture is the shape of things to come, and Technology brings that Architecture to life. Neither can exist without the other. Companies (such as Softcif, Inc.) which build systems must have an intimate understanding of both Architecture and Technology if the systems they build are to work efficiently.


Architectures and Technologies change almost continuously – 2 tier, 3 tier, n-tier, distributed, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, multi-factor authentication – the list of buzzwords and phrases grows daily. Keeping on top of this explosive growth of architecture and technology is a time consuming process for any major enterprise. We excel at keeping up with change and delivering it to our customers. It is our business.

Core capability

Our core capability is working across complex architectures and technologies to integrate them efficiently. We build in flexibility for change to allow rapid adaption as business requirements change. This integration work requires us to have multi-skilled teams – teams whose members are used to working in distributed, heterogeneous environments where change is the norm.

Not so simple

There is much more to it than meets the eye. How do we design the overall system to be resilient and meet performance targets when key sub systems may be in different countries and exposed to linkage failures and data transmission lags?

Then, how do we ensure that all team members have a solid common understanding of what is required and how it is to be achieved, what specific part each person is to play and how the multiple cross-system linkages will work? Can we be sure that the technologies will knit together? How do we eliminate the chance of last minute show-stoppers in development?

How do we make it all work?

This is where our software project management stands out. We have over 25 years of software architecture experience across multiple technologies. Couple that with our deep understanding of software development risk management, proof of concept and use of agile methodologies such as RUP and Scrum and it is clear that we can design and deliver complex systems with a high degree of confidence.

This capability does not come out of books and training courses (though they are necessary). It comes from real world experience of major projects.

We have the record to prove it.

System/Software Development

Sofcif provides the resources required to design, develop, integrate, test, validate, and deploy custom software applications (or COTS customizations) and systems engineering solutions.


Project Managers, Technical Leads, Business Analysts, Technical and Data Analysts, Technical Architects, Software/Application Developers, Database Designers and Administrators, QA/Test Managers and Consultants, Helpdesk Analysts, Training Consultants, System Engineers, Security Analysts, and System Administrators (Windows, Solaris/Linux, Network, SAN).


We work with all leading language technologies, frameworks and tools including .NET, J2EE, Webservices/SOAP/REST, LAMP, MQ Series and middleware stacks, utilizing industry standard design patterns.

Project Management

PMP Certified. Methodologies including PMLC, SDLC, RUP, Agile, SCRUM

Infrastructure Support

Softcif provides the resources required to develop, test, validate, and deploy the infrastructure requires to support business operations.

Our admins are experienced with various hardware/software solutions from major vendors such as Cisco, F5, RSA, Oracle/Sun, HP, Hitachi, EMC, VMware, IBM, Dell, and cloud hosting solutions such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Government Agency

Working with a mid-size team, we led the application and infrastructure enhancement (integration, development, testing, and deployment) and overall Operations and Maintenance support (24×7) of a mission-critical security system. The overall skill set for the team spanned a variety of disciplines and technologies including Unix/Windows Administration, Network Administration, SAN Administration, Security, Database Administration and Development, System Analysis, Java Development, Microsoft .NET Development, Crystal Reports Development, and QA/Test. Continue to provide resources for overall management, support, and enhancement of system. Team Size: 6

Global Staffing & Resource Company

Architected and developed a web based Client Manager Application for managing the firm’s revenue streams. This enabled management of key client data (US and international) within a consolidated central database. Client performance reports across the company’s operational sectors were available which allowed managers to identify underperforming clients and sectors. Team size: 6

International Bank

Provided Project Delivery Lead Management services for Infrastructure related initiatives. The environment is a mix of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP, and a variety of network appliances. Team Size: 4