OperationsPro® System – Business Performance Management

OperationsPro® is a software solution for planning, implementing, measuring, and improving processes for businesses with complex service offerings.

OperationsPro® allows operations managers to model all types of processes and by entering a minimum amount of data (tasks, interval of each task, resource types associated with tasks, linkages between tasks, probability of task occurring), the system provides unit cost calculation for each individual task, completed activity, and overall operations.

Inputting additional data elements such as projected capital expenditures, current headcount levels, support resource ratios to subordinates, and projected number of transactions handled by operations, the system will yield projections for Operations Budget, Operations Headcount, Capacity, Performance, Overtime Allocation, and Temporary Employees.

OperationsPro® offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Transforms operational data into decision making information
  • Creates common platform for communications between operational and support staffs
  • Transforms operations into best in class
  • Standardizes operations and focuses on business value and return on investment
  • Facilitates Root Cause Analysis, Trending Analysis and ROI Business Cases

For further information, refer to the OperationsPro® Presentation, OperationsPro® Marketing Flyer or Contact Us and we’ll be happy to setup a demo for you.


DealAptitude – Business and Financial Information Provider

DealAptitude is a Web-based provider of business and financial information, focusing on the information needs of deal professionals. We provide timely, accurate, and relevant information to the Deal Community. Our service offering includes and integrates transaction details, investment criteria of capital sources and other deal-related content, turning it into actionable intelligence for the deal professional. With backgrounds in Investment Banking and Web-based applications, our team of professionals launched DealAptitude to provide actionable intelligence to the Deal Community. The service was designed by deal professionals, for deal professionals, providing up to date and accurate information in a clean, simple to use interface.

Users include all aspects of the Deal Community, including various intermediaries, professional services and capital providers.

  • Investment Bankers, Corporate Development, Business Brokers, Intermediaries
  • Valuation, Appraisal, Lawyers, Accountants
  • Corporate Acquirers, Private Equity, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Mezzanine

DealAptitude clean and simple to use interface allows customers to easily access and use the system individually, or as a group which can collaborate on a project. DealAptitude maintains strict security protocols, allowing users from the same Company to collaborate on one or multiple projects. Our functionality delivers the actionable intelligence Deal Professionals need to more effectively and efficiently identify, pursue, and execute transactions.